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A club has five years to evaluate a player who signs his first pro contract at 18 years or younger, but only four years to decide on a player who signs at age 19.For purposes of calculating years as a pro, the counting begins the day a player signs his first professional contract, not the season he begins play.The team must have a designated club specialist submit a detailed report that includes medical information and video of how the injury occurred to MLB’s medical director.

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An option (optional assignment) allows a club to move a player on its 40-man roster to and from the minor leagues without exposing him to the other 29 teams.

After four or five years as a professional, a player must be added to his club’s 40-man roster or the player will be exposed to the 29 other clubs in the Rule 5 Draft.

A player may be activated beginning on Day 16, though the club is not required to reinstate him at any specific time.

A player may be transferred from the 10-day disabled list to the 6o-day disabled list, but the opposite is not permitted.

A player on the family medical emergency list continues to accumulate Major League service time.

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If an absence extends more than seven days, the club must resort to placing the player on the restricted list, where he is not paid and does not earn service time.A player on the 10-day disabled list does not count against the 25-man active roster but continues to count against the 40-man roster.There is no limit to the number of players a club may put on the 10-day disabled list.Jeff Euston of Cot’s Baseball Contracts is the author of this content and an expanded transactions glossary, as well as contract details for all 30 Major League teams, can be found at Cot’s Baseball Contracts.A club may place an injured player on the 7-, 10- or 60-day disabled list by submitting to the commissioner’s office an application, accompanied by a diagnosis from the club physician.The player can be activated on the eighth day after he is cleared (receives approval) from the team’s specified specialist and Major League Baseball’s medical director.If the player is not reinstated from the 7-day DL by day 14, the player is automatically transferred to the 15-day DL.A player on the restricted list does not count against the 40-man roster, and there is no minimum or maximum length of time he must stay on the list.A player on the restricted list is not paid and does not earn service time.A club may place a player experiencing a family emergency or the death of a loved one on the family emergency list with permission from the commissioner’s office.The player may spend between three and seven days on the list, during that period, his club may replace him on the active 25-man roster.


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