Daisy In The Great Gatsby Essay

Nick Carraway, however, knew the truth and had to decide if he was going to help hide the truth or let Daisy and Gatsby suffer the consequences.

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As Nick walks home, Gatsby startles him by approaching him from across the lawn.

Gatsby seems agitated and almost desperate to make Nick happy—he invites him to Coney Island, then for a swim in his pool.

Furthermore, you run the risk of losing focus in your paper without a clear question and thesis. Gatsby was ultimately killed, not by a contrived, ominous chain of events, but rather, as Nick indicates, by what preyed on him: those who used, rather than appreciated, him.

Perhaps these two will help, as well as the others posted in previous responses.

The truth is that Myrtle Wilson was killed and Daisy and Gatsby are the ones to blame. The friendship between Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway is a questionable one and full of doubt.

“He had seen me several times and had intended to call on me long before but a peculiar combination of circumstances had prevented it- signed Jay Gatsby.

Gatsby knocks Nick’s clock over and tells Nick sorrowfully that the meeting was a mistake.

After he leaves the two alone for half an hour, however, Nick returns to find them radiantly happy—Daisy shedding tears of joy and Gatsby glowing.

Nick is slightly offended that Gatsby wants to pay him for arranging the meeting with Daisy and refuses Gatsby’s offers, but he still agrees to call Daisy and invite her to his house.

It rains on the day of the meeting, and Gatsby becomes terribly nervous.


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