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believe this is a very attainable goal for Tiger Brands because they are renound for good services and quality.

Tiger Brands have been involved in a number of scams such as when they increased the price for bread; this would be the only thing stopping them to reach their mission statement because of their reputation.

Stealing is related to crime in South Africa and I believe crime is linked to poverty because people have no money to afford a house or food and so they have no way in obtaining basic needs and so they resort to stealing from people in cars, from people’s homes.

I believe if we reduce poverty within South Africa we can solve crime because less pressure if found on people to support their families through illegal ways.

My choice in companies was Tiger Brands, a local company that supplies with a wide variety food stuffs including basic nutrition such as bread, maize as well as canned foods.

As Tiger are a local company and have a vested interest and social issues in South Africa their employment policy is directed at the local population because they have a true understanding of some of the problems that Tiger Brands faces.

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