Critical Thinking Questions And Answers

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E = The study was undertaken when there were no exams or major projects due, thus the results about working with a teammate do not apply to more stressful times of the year.Three graduate school friends, Anna, Barbara, and Carol, graduated successfully.

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Some versions of these tests include a greater proportion of items which call for numeracy, as illustrated by Sample Item #6.

To view a specific test qualified purchasers should purchase the preview pack for the test most appropriate for use with their intended test takers.

C = A healthy diet will cause one to have better mental health and physical strength.

D = This research study was funded by a corporation that makes exercise apparel.

Carol and Barbara, although receiving their degrees, did not earn this special honor.

Critical Thinking Questions And Answers

A fourth student in the same graduate program, Deirdre, often said that the graduate program was poorly designed and not difficult at all.

A = Most of the women in the group that was encouraged to work individually actually worked with friends and partners who were not part of the study.

B = Most of the pairings and teams created in the first group (with teammates) fell apart after a few days and the women in that group actually worked individually.

The women in both groups were presented with information about the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

The women in one group were paired up with one another and encouraged to work as two-person teams to help each other stick with the recommended healthy regimen of smart eating and regular vigorous exercise.


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