Critical Lens Essay The Great Gatsby

Critical Lens Essay The Great Gatsby-52
Women could have fun, vote, and cut their hair short- and yet they were owned by men.When The Great Gatsby is viewed through the gender/feminist lens, the objectifying of women is vividly portrayed through the actions of the male characters and the sexist narration of the story. Scott Fitzgerald constantly refers women as “girls” despite the men always called men, never boys.

Women could have fun, vote, and cut their hair short- and yet they were owned by men.

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This viewpoint is only highlighted through a Marxist critical approach.

This relates to the prominent class issue seen all through “Gatsby.” It seems as though Daisy and Tom almost look down upon others.

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The passage in which Myrtle Wilson is killed exemplifies the recklessness of Daisy and Tom.

Daisy sees Myrtle running out into the road and at first swerves toward the other car and seems to change her mind and just collide with Myrtle and continue on.His move East and his habitual attitude to follow the American Dream, highlight the desperate nature of the time.The decline in the Jazz age is evident within Nick’s steadfastness, as it is highlighted that he has merely been turned into a mode of production. Nick’s job is to think he is free, whilst at the same time produce an account interpolating events.“Making a short deft movement, Tom Buchanan broke her nose with his open hand.” (32) To shut his mistress up, Tom uses so much force that he breaks her nose. uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. Conversely, Marxist theory states that “the way we think….largely conditioned by the way the economy is organized” and that the economy is the “base of society” .These beliefs are evident within the Great Gatsby when considering the role of the Wilson’s to that of the Buchanan’s and indeed Gatsby.Fitzgerald anticipated the collapse of capitalism and indeed of the West itself; the great depression, after reading theories by scholars such as Marx and Nietzsche. This sense of unreliability highlights the Marxist critical approach.Fitzgerald compares the demise of capitalism, represented by the bourgeoisie of the novel, by stating in the ‘Early Success’, that “my millionaires were as doomed Thomas Hardy’s peasants”, thus showing a stringent parallel between class struggles in the nineteenth and twentieth c... Nick, by writing an account feel he is free, but as Marx points out, he only thinks he is.Remember, this piece of writing requires meticulous attention and knowledge of the essay structure.Follow our simple, effective guide to creating a perfect paper without wasting your time and nerves.


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