Criminology Research Proposal

Participants- Random students of Langara College will be used as participants.There will be no consents given to them as they will be observed on their instant reactions.

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Inspired by this, a Dutch photographer Herlinde Koebl clicked several pictures of people in two ways- their "work clothing" and their "casual clothing".

Here we can easily see how a uniform can bring a dramatic change in viewer's eye for the knowledge and power they possess.

Here, I will be acting as one the students standing nearby pretending to be busy with my own things.

Over a period of week, weekdays from Monday to Friday.

The supervisor must be present however if one committee member is unable to attend for exceptional reasons (i.e.

sick leave) it is that member’s responsibility to designate a delegate who is member of the Department of Criminology and a member of the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.That individual will pose questions prepared by the absent committee member. Jury members must justify, in writing (on the form prepared by the department), their decision and identify the strong elements of the project as well as those that require correction and/or greater elaboration. The student is obligated to respect these directives. In addition to pursuing research projects and other activities through the research centres, academic staff all have their own subject specialities and research interests.These combine to bring teaching to life and to keep the Institute of Criminology at the forefront of research and involved in world-level debates.Research topics include the development of criminal careers, the early development of problematic behaviour, the impact of bullying, legitimacy in criminal justice processing of offenders and victims, sentencing , intermediate sanctions, mentally disordered offenders, human trafficking and smuggling, the psychological effects of wrongful imprisonment, the impact of imprisonment on families, race and gender issues in criminal justice, the reintegration of ex-prisoners, youth justice systems, suicide in prisons, suicide under supervision, pathways out of crime (including desistance), legal decision making, the effects of social and urban change on crime, and learning and teaching with offenders.Full details can be found on individual Academic staff pages.We were delighted to welcome Professor Ann Skelton to the Institute on Wednesday July 10th.This approach seems particularly well suited for participant's reaction limited to uniforms or on professional clothing.In this project, I will explore how people response to something regardless of the uniform someone is wearing.With the help of two more people I will conduct my study over different locations at Langara College.This team includes 2 girls, one in her early 20s who will play the role of a student and other in her late 20s who will be assigned the role of an instructor.


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