Creative Writing Techniques List

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Writers usually want quality fiction for novels, novellas, and/or short stories.

This is achieved using technique, and in order to help this technique, this page outlines rules that...

Essentially, foreshadowing means having your narrator imply events that have yet to actually occur in the story’s unfolding narration.

For example: ‘Had we known what would happen that summer, we would not have sat in the sun that morning, feeling as though youth was forever and every summer would glow longer and more bright.’Foreshadowing is useful for building narrative suspense.

Writing techniques make individual authors’ styles distinctive.

From poetic devices (such as metaphor and simile) to narrative strategies, writers use various literary techniques and in doing so create their (often unmistakable) personal styles.

For example, consider the following grammar-related writing techniques: Zeugma is a figure of speech where one word applies to two others in the same sentence, yet carries different senses or meanings.

For example, in a period romance you might read:‘She tossed apples and jibes (disguised as compliments) over her shoulder as he pursued her, pleading, through the orchard.’Here, the verb ‘tossed’ describes a physical throwing (the apples) as well as figurative throwing (to ‘throw’ an insult).

You can compare a vast wealth of objects or images to convey the emotion and the tone of a scene.

For example, ‘her face was as hard as a door slammed shut’ strongly suggests a sense of an angry character closing off to another.


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