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The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act represents an historic turning point in our nation’s conservation ethic.The policy enunciated in the Act of preserving some rivers and their immediate environments in a free-flowing, natural condition contrasts sharply with the dam building and water diversion ethos that completely dominated our national river policy up until that time.This shouldn’t be interpreted as justification for additional structures or roads, which would almost certainly diminish the values for which the river was designated to protect.

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Wild and scenic rivers provide a wealth of benefits including clean water for municipal and agriculture purposes as well as recreational experiences ranging from primitive non-motorized to urban motorized uses.

The ecological values of these river corridors may prove the most important of all.

It is not surprising that in many parts of the world rivers are called “mothers”.

Narmadai, “Mother Narmada”; Volga is Mat Rodnaya, “Mother Earth”.

They can exist within urban or intensive agricultural zones.

Their value for recreation, for improving water quality, and as greenways for humans and pathways for wildlife should not be underestimated. Box 9175Missoula, MT 59807P: 406-542-2048E: [email protected], MN Office2833 43rd Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55406 P: 612-201-9266Moscow, ID Office P. The Willamette River Basin is approximately 180 miles in length and roughly 100 miles wide.The riverbed is approximately 450 feet above sea level at the southern end of the valley and ten feet above sea level at its confluence with the Columbia River.From the immemorial, rivers play a big role in all that we call life.Rivers, as the source of life and fertility, are reflected in the myths and beliefs of the multitude of cultures.The Willamette River and its extensive drainage basin lie in the greater Cascades geological province, extending from British Columbia to northern California.The river and its principal tributaries drain 11,478 square miles (12 percent of Oregon), with the basin's runoff fluctuating dramatically between the heavy precipitation of the winter months and relatively rain-free summers.Before the construction of federal dams on its tributaries between 19, the river and its tributaries provided important spawning grounds for spring Chinook salmon and steelhead trout.With significant annual precipitation and moderaterate of evaporation, the Willamette is somewhat of an anomaly among American rivers.Most large cities in the world are located on or along the river.An interesting fact is that 65% of the water we drink comes from a surrounding river.


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