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The added transportation costs that result from this change can be absorbed through energy savings.The beneficial effects on the students’ academic performance and behavior validate this decision, but its effect on student motivation is still unknown.I would encourage an in-depth look at the reactions of students to such a change.

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What did you create when you put all of your ideas and evidence down onto paper?

Some students suffer from writing conclusion paragraphs that are either too short or much too long.

Will you just sound like you’re repeating yourself?

What is really the point of a conclusion paragraph anyway?

Of course, if the length of your introduction paragraph is off, then your conclusion will be too.

Another good way to gauge how long your conclusion should be is by counting how many supporting ideas you have in your paragraph.

As addressed in my analysis of recent research, the advantages of a later starting time for high school students significantly outweigh the disadvantages.

A later starting time would allow teens more time to sleep--something that is important for their physical and mental health--and ultimately improve their academic performance and behavior.

why should people read my paper or care that I’ve written it? In your conclusion, you want to synthesize the information in your paper, not simply summarize it.

Your readers already looked through your piece of writing and know what it says.


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