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Consciously or not, learning-driven teachers are concerned with an array of factors that influence student learning.For example, they manage the class’s collective attention, monitor metacognitive awareness, respect the constraints of working memory and promote transfer-appropriate processing, even if these teachers are unaware of the formal names of such concepts.

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At commencement, the college always announced the recipient of its top teaching award.

I happened to be standing near this professor before commencement began.

During my career I’ve seen faculty members who are deeply passionate about teaching and care greatly about their students who nonetheless are not particularly successful teachers.

Passion, dedication and sacrifice are no guarantee of teaching effectiveness.

These teachers are able to assess the level of understanding of students and recognize how to move that understanding toward a desired learning goal.

The ability to accomplish all these tasks defines teaching skill.

What is notable about these reasons is that they have little to do with actual teaching skill.

The implication is that award-winning teachers are not any more effective at engendering student learning than the rest of us.

The best teachers develop an accurate understanding of how people learn.

They recognize the power they have to either help or hurt student understanding.


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