Cell Phone Repair Business Plan

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If instead you charge a fixed rate for a laptop repair or an upgrade, there’s nothing to stop you from working on several machines at one time.” There are a number of small business ideas for electronics repair startups, but it typically goes one of two ways: either you go to your customer or your customer comes to you.In truth, we dump a lot of money into our tech problems.Consumers have spent a whopping .7 billion on broken i Phones since the product was introduced to the market – and that's just i Phones.You can apply for this as well as a regular business license at your local municipality.If your business model involves going directly to consumers, you’ll also probably want to invest in liability insurance and bonding.Ben Taylor, who’s been freelancing in the IT world for the last 14 years, doesn’t think charging hourly is the best deal for smaller businesses that don’t have a lot of employees.“Obviously, there may be situations where [an hourly rate] is the only logical way to charge, but doing it all the time means capping your income,” he said.In other words, electronics repair is a big business.Jumping into the world of tech repair doesn't require a huge upfront investment.If you don’t have the proper licenses, permits and insurance, you can wind up with huge fines that bankrupt you before you even get off the ground.If you haven’t yet, this is the stage when you need to form a legal entity.


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