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Jesuits, originating in French Canada or Spain, worked hard to convert those to Christianity by mastering native languages, along with creating boarding schools for young boys and girls, along with setting up model agricultural communities for converted Americans.

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From 1853 to 1941, Japan changed from being a reclusive, isolated nation that kept to itself to an imperialistic power openly attacking and conquering surrounding territories and peoples.

In order to maintain independence and respect, Japan adopted militarism and an offensive military strategy.

Islam is treated not as a private and individual matter, but incorporated in every day life.

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When appearing in public all parts of their body were to be covered.

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This custom has continued on in muslim society today; The treatment of women did improve over time but traditions towards women still remain the same.Though the middle east had undergone many social changes over time, their religious roots stayed strong since the birth of muslim faith, Muhammad, in the mmid 7th century.Since 1800 CE to present time, people of the Middle East have remained extremely faithful.Males remain dominant in the muslim society, while women were hidden.They not allowed to be seen by other males outside their family and were to be cloistered in their homes.Continuity/Change Over Time During the 1450’s to 1750’s the Americas were evolving at a constant rate.The slave trade and the use trade such as the triangular trade were very common during this time-period due to the rise in plantations, causing a diverse region in South America. Make your own flashcards that can be shared with others.Learn with extra-efficient algorithm, developed by our team, to save your time.In the early years of South America, natives relied on farming to provide an adequate amount of food for their population.While the use of plantations helped influx the trade industries due to the surplus in products produced by the plantations.


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