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The central contradiction in society remains the antagonism between wage labour and capital.

However, oppression takes many different forms, some of them considerably older and more deep-rooted than wage slavery.

For centuries the stability of class society has established a solid point of support in the family: that is to say, on the enslavement of women to men.

This form of slavery is far older than capitalism, as Engels explained, the emergence of the patriarchal family represents the “world historic defeat of the female sex.

Women cannot be expected to put to one side their immediate, pressing demands and await the arrival of socialism.

The victory of the Socialist revolution is unthinkable without the day-to-day struggle for advance under capitalism.

Since the early 1990s, the ``new directions'' in Critical Criminology have consciously excluded Marxism as being out-dated.

This article critically assesses the fundamental theoretical shifts within critical criminology.

It argues that Marxism remains as relevant as ever for analysing crime, criminal justice, and the role of the state.

There is a great need for critical criminologists to redirect their attention back to Marxist theory by developing and extending its tools of critical theoretical analysis.


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