Calculus Solved Problems

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This app would be great for junior high school students through college Calculus.

I especially like the play back animation for finding the solutions, nice feature for sure, for adding confidence to any student.

In these lessons, we introduce a notation for antiderivatives called the Indefinite Integral.

We will also give a list of integration formulas that would be useful to know.

Visit Stack Exchange There is a saying in mathematics that there are really only 40 calculus problems, and all the other problems are just permutations of these using different numbers or stories attached to them.

This is obviously an oversimplification, but it is true that there are many specific problems asked here daily that are simply an altered version of one of the prototypical problems of calculus.

There is a legitimate need for figuring out the gaps and/or errors in questioners' knowledge in a much more individualized way than simply saying, "Here, read this." On the other hand, often one would like to say, "Here are some ideas about where I think you went astray: _________.

for more details about _____ and ______." And it might be handy if "read this" pointed to a question (and a variety of answers) on MSE itself rather than to some other site, useful as some of those sites might be.

Ideally, I think that this might be used in addition to specific answers, for example if a user asks What do you think about this idea?

I have also started an answer, which you can feel free to edit, showing the possible areas and the specific questions, as quick reference to anyone that wants to use this list.


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