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I’ve also created a free downloadable workbook to guide you through the process and that you can complete at your own pace: By dedicating the time to write your business plan – and review it frequently – you can change the trajectory of your writing career.

Received so much love from clients when I revealed that I had spent eight months battling stage 3 breast cancer as a solopreneur. I also added Build to Scale, Gear Up and Millennial Start-Up to the family of books.

My 6 states in 6 days sales tour coupled with back-to-back conferences took a toll.

It took more than a year of programming and testing but I completed a robust spreadsheet to generate financial statements.

After reading an article about discouraging post-service options for women veteran (and because a center requested it), I wrote the Military CEO edition. This slimmer format has become our most popular book as busy entrepreneurs want content that gets them to their goals faster.

Received award along with Congresswomen Maxine Waters at the RISE Financial Pathways luncheon for me work with veterans.

There is still a lot to do to make it easier for military families to pursue economic independence.

The Edge Connection in Atlanta requested books for each module in their 3-month course. An encounter at a church bazaar led to a referral to a business development center in Boston.

They have been our longest client using the official inaugural edition for the past six years.

Attended my first WBENC conference to introduce books to supplier outreach teams to prepare diverse suppliers to become project-ready.

A utility in Los Angeles piloted the GUIDED Impact competition based on our Founders Forum book.


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