Business Plan Confidentiality Agreement

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No waiver of a breach, failure of any condition, or any right or remedy contained in or granted by the provisions of this agreement will be effective unless it is in writing and signed by the party waiving the breach, failure, right, or remedy. This agreement constitutes the final agreement of the parties.

The Receiving Party will review, examine, inspect, or obtain the Business Plan only for the above-described purposes, and to otherwise maintain the confidentiality of that Business Plan pursuant to the terms of this agreement. In conjunction with its delivery of the Business Plan, the Disclosing Party may (but is not required to) disclose certain of its confidential and proprietary information to the Receiving Party. The Business Plan or other Confidential Information may pertain to prospective or unannounced products. Except as set forth expressly in this agreement, there are no conditions precedent to this agreement's effectiveness.

It is not necessarily what the actual form looks like and does not include the information, instructions and other materials that come with the form you would purchase.

An actual sample can also be viewed by clicking on the "Sample Form" near the top left of this page.describe the subject matter, e.g., a possible business combination whereby Company will enter into one (1) or more agreements with Owner in the production, financing and/or distribution of a motion picture project tentatively entitleds proprietary interest therein by limited access to the Protected Information to itself and its employees whose review of the Protected Information is required in connection with the review and evaluation hereunder and by both returning the Protected Information to Owner and refraining from communicating to others or otherwise making use of the Protected Information if an agreement between Owner and Company as to ____________(: If such agreement is consummated, this confidentiality Agreement shall expire on the execution of such agreement and the confidentiality provisions of such agreement shall be substituted in the place of this agreement.

Having loan officers and potential investors sign a confidentiality agreement before they view your business plan helps ensure your ideas and projections remain protected.

When your business plan outlines a seemingly "modest" proposal, the potential significance of unwanted eyes viewing your projections may appear to lack significance.

Even if you have not invented the world's next "best mousetrap," you should keep your business idea, strategies, marketing, and action plans confidential.

Until you have received the financing or investment you need to start your business, anyone can start an identical business, without your permission or knowledge.

This agreement contains relevant business plan information including names/addresses of the parties and name of motion picture.

It is vital that this type of Confidentiality Agreement be memorialized in writing.


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