Books Assigned In High School

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If you never read it in high school, you know what to do.

If you were forced to read it back then, give it another try: you’ll enjoy it much more the second time around. In this slim novel, Woolf weaves together two seemingly unrelated storylines: one following Mrs Dalloway, an upper class woman preparing to host a dinner party, and the other her "double," a shell-shocked WWI vet contemplating suicide.

Faulkner claimed that he wrote it in 6 weeks, working from midnight to a.m., and that he didn't change a word.

The story, again set in Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, is narrated by 15 different characters over 59 chapters.

new) you feel like you really should have read by now.

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My own list for this category was extensive (even though I thought my own high school reading list was pretty good!Even if you've seen the movie ( This groundbreaking classic is a Gothic romance, mystery, and psychological thriller all rolled into one; its themes were astonishingly modern for 1847.Those who have read it will spot its influence everywhere.If I could design my own high school curriculum today it would include these poetry collections: “Good Woman,” by Lucille Clifton; “Look,” by Solmaz Sharif; and “The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded,” by Molly Mc Cully Brown, all of which are beautiful and invite you to see the world a little differently.Instead of having students read “Animal Farm” or “1984,” the usual George Orwell fare, I would offer them Orwell’s A COLLECTION OF ESSAYS, particularly “Such, Such Were the Joys,” “Charles Dickens,” “Shooting an Elephant,” “Why I Write” and “Politics and the English Language.” They’ll absorb into their intellectual bloodstreams an antidote to not just the madness of the present political regime but also, on the other end of things, the P. cant and “smelly little orthodoxies” of the college professors soon to be instructing them. It’s among the oldest surviving works of Western civilization, from before literature was literature.Then, the summer before college I read GOOD WOMAN, by Lucille Clifton.It was the first collection of poetry I’d ever read all the way through, and it unlocked a love for a medium that is often poorly taught or avoided altogether.Grounded thoroughly in its California setting, interweaving the stories of two Salinas Valley families, Steinbeck's magnum opus feels tragic, yet hopeful.More info → Dickens' thirteenth novel (and arguably his best) follows the early adventures and coming of age of the young orphan Pip.) If you, like me, tend to get a little panicky when you consider all the books you feel like you should have read by now, take heart: you’ll get more out of reading these novels now than you ever would have gotten out of them in high school.Fitzgerald's classic was the topic of my first high school term paper—and despite that, I still love it.


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