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Whether you’re a romantic poet, musical theatre songwriter, or a Mary Shelley-inspired horror writer, there’s a scholarship for you in this list.Yes, there are plenty of essay-based scholarships out there, but the ones here are unique because they are specifically catered to those with a passion for literature and writing in any and all forms.We take top scholarship winners, analyze strategies that make stories stand out, and teach you how to write to win within 72hrs.

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For each scholarship, we’ve provided the sponsoring organization or company, the award amount, and a link directly to their application, making it easy for you to find and, more importantly, for it!

While most of these scholarships are intended for use to pay for college, there are unique opportunities on the list for fellowships and alternative ways of furthering your knowledge of a field or subject.

We’ve reimagined scholarship search to bring you thousands of scholarships totaling billions of dollars of aid.

Find scholarshipsget essay feedback Our Story Fellows know what it takes to win scholarships because they’ve won millions themselves.

Here you’ll find scholarships that celebrate the typically underrepresented sports like fencing, archery, bowling, table tennis, and more!

You’ll also find some interesting organizations offering scholarships for fitness enthusiasts and those want to pursue a career in sports entertainment.They stand out from the crowd because they highlight a feature that is unique to you (shout-out to all of the tall people), or the subject is so specific that we couldn’t find anything else like it.Here you can find a scholarship that will let you write about fire sprinklers, showcase your interest in antique dolls or parapsychology, or create an amazing greeting card. If you love animals or have a green thumb, then this list is a great place to start for fun scholarships relating to agriculture and animals.You may be surprised to find out that these organizations offer scholarships to their employees and employees’ children.Also featured in this section are some unique businesses you may not have heard of before that have scholarships available to virtually any student, and do not need to be directly associated with the company.Many of these scholarships are geared toward those interested in riding horses, taking care of sheep and cattle, and rescuing animals, or if you plan on pursuing a career in environmental sciences, the dairy industry, horticulture sciences, food distribution, or even growing potatoes or corn!These aren’t your average sports and athletic scholarships.For our foodie and beverage lovers, you’ll be happy to know there are quite a few companies and organizations out there that appreciate your fondness for all things tasty by offering scholarships and awards.These awards vary depending by type of food or drink, and in some cases, diet and nutrition.Our goal was to create a fantastic resource for students who want to make education a reality and highlight the great organizations sponsoring the scholarships.Whether it’s writing an essay about a creative topic, studying overseas, or pursing your love for chocolate, you’ll likely find a scholarship here that you never imagined actually exists.


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