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However, in the case of assignment, the consent of the non-assigning party may be required by a contractual provision.The assignment does not necessarily have to be in writing; however, the assignment agreement must show an intent to transfer rights.

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The former would give the other party to the contract the power to rescind the contract if an assignment is made; the latter would rescind the contract automatically in such circumstances.After the assignment of contractual rights, the assignee will receive all benefits that had accrued to the assignor.For example, if A contracts to sell his car for 0 to B, A may assign the benefits (the right to be paid 0) to C.A related concept of assignment is novation wherein, by agreement with all parties, one contracting party is replaced by a new party.While novation requires the consent of all parties, assignment needs no consent from other non-assigning parties.A promise to assign in the future has no legal effect.Although this prevents a party from assigning the benefits of a contract that has not yet been made, a court of equity may enforce such an assignment where an established economic relationship between the assignor and the assignee raised an expectation that the assignee would indeed form the appropriate contract in the a legal term used in the context of the law of contract and of property.In both instances, assignment is the process whereby a person, the assignor, transfers rights or benefits to another, the assignee.The assignor often delegates duties in addition to rights to the assignee, but the assignor may remain ultimately responsible.However, in the United States, there are various laws that limit the liability of the assignee, often to facilitate credit, as assignees are typically lenders.


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