Aqa English A2 Coursework Mark Scheme

And for my novel (Wuthering Heights) I just focused on the first half of the book. Thanks for your help Sorry about the endless questions..

I wrote a huge plan with key words and ideas, quotes, etc, which helped me organise the similarities and differences. it's just quite disconcerting to suddenly be thrown by a piece of coursework when I've never had problems with english before!!

I'm comparing the representation of romantic love in different time periods.

- I made annotated notes on each text individually, then made links between them.

With the notes, I made a list of similar things (ie.

main character traits, themes, attitudes) and a list of differences.

This blog post will provide some guidance on completing the commentary for the NEA and useful tips.

The commentary is designed to enable you to explain the decisions you have made in writing your piece and the language levels that you have employed and replicated following your exploration of a style model.

So I had a big brainstorm type thing, and then an ordered plan. Just an outline of where the essay was going in each paragraph and what quotes to include.

Collecting quotes really helped my ideas, actually.


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