Appearance Vs. Reality Essay

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When speaking of his brothers’ death, he justifies the speedy marriage to Gertrude while appearing to have the kingdom’s best interest at heart when explaining “That we with wisest sorrow think on him / Together with remembrance of ourselves” (I. Claudius demeans Hamlet several times throughout the play.While Hamlet is grieving his father’s death, the heartless king requests “We pray you throw to earth / This unprevailing woe” (I. 106-107), showing his deplorable behaviour by referring to Hamlet’s grief as useless.Call me what Instrument you will, though you can fret me, you cannot play upon me. The King’s royal associate, Polonius, plays an important role in developing the theme.

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Claudius, the current King of Denmark is the epitome of corruption and immorality although he presents himself to be the rightful king.Given Iago’s previous claims about his own deviousness, these words have an ironic ring.Iago’s words are doubly ironic, in fact, since he espouses the truism not just to cover up his own treachery, but also to cause Othello to doubt Cassio’s honesty.He tells Ophelia that it’s in her own best interest not to keep this secret.His words are those of a loving father, but his actions are quite different.King Claudius reveals his true maliciousness several times.Claudius only becomes King of Denmark after murdering his brother and marrying his sister-in-law Gertrude in an incestuous marriage. In actuality, Claudius acts out of greed to become king and out of lust for Gertrude.He begins his speech by declaring his intention to manipulate Roderigo for his own gain.Iago then turns his attention to Othello and his hatred for the man.Iago utters these words in conversation with Roderigo, thereby signaling that he is not all that he appears to be.However, Iago’s words also contain a deeper, more subversive message.


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