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In the past, money and pricing wasn’t an issue in their minds when purchasing dyed clothing.

Slowly, overtime, ways began to change; customers began paying with rice, soybeans, chickens, etc.

Economically, ways of trading had been changed due to the introduction of silver to the world.

Ralph Fitch, a British merchant from document 4, learned from his travels to the East Indies that trade conducted by the Portuguese between Macao and Japan was a great advantage for the Portuguese in China.

Although the hierarchy probably doesn’t care about their needs, they need to be accounted for to have a somewhat stabilized society.

Silver DBQ Essay The global flow of silver from the mid-sixteenth century to the early eighteenth century had vast effects both socially and economically around the world.

Also stating that the national government required large amounts of silver for taxes, but spent little to no silver for any type of government funding.

In document 5, Xu Dunqiu Ming, informs people about the ways in which the way of payment has shifted over time.

China and Europe’s exchange of goods and silver is very highly unbalanced.

For Asia corrupted the European government as stated by Tomas de Mercado in document 2.


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