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Both have the same goal but emphasize different methods.(Edwin, 2003)Trent Franks, Republican of Arizona has prompted reactions in the U. stating that “the situation of African Americans is worse today than it was at the time of slavery “ while denouncing the very high number of abortions among African The United States.

If the history of the enslavement of millions Africans “has left indelible scars on the American soul. Policies today devastate a much largest African-American community than did the related policies to slavery, “said Trent Franks.

One of the main motivations of Margaret Sanger, throughout his life, was the obsession of a return to “Natural selection” of people who lived in slums and “that because of their animal nature is reproducing like rabbits and soon went beyond the boundaries of their slum or country, and then contaminate the best elements of the society with diseases and inferior genes.“The most charitable act a large family can do for one of its children in infancy is to kill him “(1920).

“Maternity services for women in slums are harmful to society and race.

As in the Weimar Republic, social workers and managers of Public Health were concerned about reducing the cost of protection social and racial hygiene specialists had their eyes turned to the sterilization measures practiced in several states of North America to reduce the cost of "deficient." The reference to the United States comes as the first country to institutionalize forced sterilization, a country that bristles with all medical theories of the time. Ellinger, who compared the persecution of Jews with the brutal mistreatment of blacks in the United States.

One explanation often given to explain the status enjoyed by pioneering American eugenics was the presence of blacks, which would have forced an early white population to use a systematic program to improve the race.(Ewen, 2006)The same explanation was advanced later by American apologists of the Nazi regime as geneticist T. The doctrine of eugenics Francis Galton gave birth to a fashionable theory at the beginning of the century, in the years 1920 to 1940.

Most frightening is that this effort continues today with the same financial and political support.

Viewers are also surprised to learn that the American eugenics movement led to the Nazi effort to create the “racial purity” and that this effort was financed largely with money from American companies.

(Elazar, 1992)Kühl shows that American eugenicists who were seduced by the rhetoric of Nazi racial regime were not a handful of extremists or marginal, but a considerable group of scientists whose enthusiasm did not seem to alleviate until the rhetoric became reality.

The study of mutations of these relations between the two scientific communities allows the German sociologist and historian to highlight the multiple dimensions of the influence of pressure on the followers of racial hygiene "progress" of American eugenics - including the effectiveness of immigration policy which "combined ethnic and eugenic selection" - and the success of the American eugenics movement by passing laws in favor of forced sterilization.


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