An Essay On Science Is A Boon Or A Bane

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Today, in the 21st century, science's subtle hand can be found in evidence everywhere.

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Tellingly, there is no much options to answer the question “what is a computer: a boon or a bane?

” In fact, thereare only two, but many people, honoring traditions, manage to prevaricate.

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, science will continue to advance well into the future.

One of its more interesting discoveries has been the possible use of bacteria to help clean up oceanic oil spills like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The vast majority of science is done for science's sake, for the 'advancement' of humanity and therefore on the whole can be thought of as good.

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Yes there are bad things that come out of science - take for example nuclear weapons which are something that is pretty obviously on the bane side of this debate but these weapons in and off themselves are not particularly bad (I guess pretty much balance out - boon of employment vs bane of using some resources pointlessly worry of some nuclear waste) rather it is the use of them that is particularly bad.And of course most other science would not have the same problems on the bane column.If not for the field of medical science, we might still face calamitous diseases like the black plague that ravaged Europe before it continued on a destructive path to Russia.Some people argue science has proven more a bane than a boon while others argue how it has made our lives easier and brought us out of the Stone Age.Before we begin, we should first take a look at actual meaning of the word "science" so that we can discern the actual meaning because sometimes politicians and corporations mix in an agenda with science. express your views for or against this topic with sturdy reasons.In everyday life, people constantly have to face and fight evil.Judge for yourself: the coffee is evil, salt (and sugar too) is evil, tobacco smoking (including passive) is evil, alcohol (even light beer) is evil, drugs (without options) is evil. To say nothing about the Internet in general and computers in particular.The computer is a bane and not by very glossy magazines, even newspapers also consider it their duty to periodically post articles by authors from opposite camps. In the World Wide Web, you can find a great many articles speaking for both camps.The social networks users are also interested in finding the truth.First of all I am going to assume that boon is in the yes column.Science is fundamentally neutral - whether it is good or bad is dependent upon the people creating it and ultimately using it.


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