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This gothic mood believed in the dark truths of the human heart, which are the ends and motivations for many of his stories.Human corruption and violence ends in murder in “The Black Cat”.Both authors use a higher-level vocabulary and diction, showing the intent for an educated audience.

Hawthorne’s romantic literature likes to use the extraordinary.

The importance of nature plays a strong role when the secrecy and evil of the woods are described and gossiped about in The Scarlet Letter.

An example of this in “The Minister’s Black Veil” is a description of Mr.

Hooper’s character, “If he erred at all, it was by so painful a degree of self-distrust, that even the mildest censure would lead him to consider an indifferent action as a crime” (Hawthorne) Poe uses strong forms of symbolism that are present throughout his stories.

Gothic writings move more into the supernatural side, which lets observer of the see a living person in the picture at his first, sleepy glance.

Poe and Hawthorne both use all aspects of literature to strengthen their styles, but they use them in such different ways.

All of these aspects portray stories built on the romance theory, which Hawthorne helped to develop.

Poe’s writing style was much like that of Hawthorne’s, but drew from the darker side of romance creations.

Also, the reader can analyze the choice of words and their conveyed meaning by the connotation they bring.

In “The Minister’s Black Veil”, Hawthorne uses dark and melancholy words such as “miserable obscurity”, “lonely”, and “frightened” to show Mr. These authors’ uses of language skills show not only their excellent command of the English language but also their great desire to find the perfect word to fit their story and their style of writing.


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