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Jackson was a Tennessee man who held both land and property. European nations traded eagerly in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, while cheap land, easy credit, and high prices for farm products stimulated an American land boom that state banks happily fuelled with generous issue of notes. The article also talks about Jackson's views and relationships with children. This article is a lot less demeaning to Jackson than many others. Therefore it provides a more realistic view of Jackson. The fact that Jackson doesn't understand that it is wrong is very worrying. A broad range of people from many different age groups would read this article. Young Jackson fought in the Battle of Hanging Rock at age 13. Orphaned now at the age of 14, Jackson was brought up by a well-to-do uncle in central South Carolina.

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As a military leader, he often disobeyed direct orders (Florida campaign), and acted on instinct rather than reason.

He also had many enemies among colleagues, including John Calhoun, John Quince Adams, etc.

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.

President Andrew Jackson said these words in his Presidential Oath of Office.

Jackson's rise to popularity was aided by the Panic of 1819. As economic recovery began to take place in Europe, the American market was flooded with imports.

Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson, seventh president of the United States and the first westerner to be elected president. At the tender age of thirteen he became an orderly and messenger in the mounted militia of South Carolina where he took part in the battle of Hanging Rock against the British.

By age fourteen and without any immediate family he took his 0 inheritance from his grandfather and went to Charleston, South Carolina. Nearing the age of 62, Jackson arrived in Washington D.

By age 20, he was practicing law, and he later served as prosecuting attorney in Tennessee. There Is Jackson and his brigade standing like a stonewall. He became such a well-respected person, that at age seventeen he was given a job as a district constable. Jackson realized that this was not of his own doing. Jackson called on God and used his prayers as a daily dependence on Him and His trust led him to many victories (Stonewall Jackson's Letter). His own men had shot Jackson three times, all minor wounds.

By rewarding the men who had helped him reach his current state, he made it clear that the middleman’s could improve their condition.

The cabinet was no longer filled with wealthy men of status, but instead of more every day people.


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