8th Grade Science Research Paper

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If any family members have ever served in the armed forces, write about the history of that branch of the military.

Rebecca Bagwell is an educator with a bachelor's degree in secondary education from Trinity Baptist College. While overseas she started writing articles in 2006 for bilingual trade journals.

A research paper idea such as an historical event or an historical person needs to be narrowed down so that you can research fully one aspect of that person or event.

Any president will make an interesting eighth grade research paper idea because each president uniquely affected America.

Pick a favorite musician or athlete and research influences in that person's life.

If you have a certain hobby, research its origins or influence on society.

Students needing eighth grade research paper ideas should find a topic that covers an historical time period, current issue or personal interests. The events documented in the 20th century contain a variety of first-hand source materials such as film, interviews and pictures.

Many national newspapers archived their accounts of events such as President Kennedy's assassination, the Civil Rights movement, the Nixon Watergate scandal, the Space Program, Vietnam War, Holocaust or the Depression.

The most difficult task is to write science research papers; it’s just too much work to be done and you don’t have that much time.

Year after year, students find that the report called the research paper is the part of the science fair project where they learn the most.


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