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Would “the rout of civilisation, of the massacre of mankind” have occurred of the Martians looked like you and me?Meanwhile, Mars was the planet of choice for many new science-fiction authors, and Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs populated his planet with a range of different aliens.Norman Bean published a serial story from February 1912 through to July that same year.

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The aliens have a better rationale for the direct questioning human philosophy, and Voltaire has a few digs at those who would not live a rational life along the way too, as the aliens debate science and philosophy (bickering over size and distance, for example). Despite getting to the moon, Lindsay reports that there aren’t any aliens to be found; the story concludes with a letter again from Lindsay to Riddell suggesting a voyage to Mars. Wells that non-humanoid aliens finally made contact. Martians invade earth, or rather, the southeast of England. As a species, tends to revolt against real animals that don’t operate in the expected manner: spiders, crabs, octopus.

The hunt for aliens is not always successful, but the idea of finding life on other worlds, planets beyond the gaze of humanity, was gaining traction by that time. Wells used that to instill additional horror into the alien invasion.

The intelligent aliens in (1979) by Douglas Adams are patently so dumb it is hard to imagine them developing space flight in the first place.

Contrast them with Adams’s mice, the hyper-intelligent superbeings that built Earth in the first place.

This planet is, Voltaire describes, 21.6 million times greater in circumference than the Earth.

Micromégas is, therefore, “twenty-four thousand paces from tip to toe,” or about 20,000 feet tall.Science fiction isn’t about predicting the future, but maybe laying down warnings.However, Voltaire notes, for example, that Mars has 2 moons.The Pierson’s Puppeteers are 3-legged and 2-headed creatures. Meanwhile, the kzin are cat-like humanoids with a rich warrior-based history.In the majority of science fiction, aliens and humans interact.The aliens in Kurt Vonnegut’s classic (1971) by the Russians Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, we don’t meet the aliens, only their detritus.They visited the Earth some time ago and left behind objects that have had a curious effect on anyone who goes into the Zones.There is life on the moon and it is described in a scientific manner (apparently—I haven’t read the book).My earliest encounter with an otherworldly lifeform was in by the bishop Francis Godwin, published 1638.As science and understanding of the natural world advanced and were accepted as just animals, science-fiction writers seemed to feel more freedom of imagination.Lewis was of course very religious and, as with Stapledon, the question of aliens as religious figures is addressed. Clarke features aliens that have benevolently overseen human evolution but have the appearance of Satan.


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