365 Creative Writing Prompts

I purchased this book for my daughter to help improve her writing and creative skills. The book has 365 prompts which start with easier and get harder as the book develops.

The prompts provided my daughter with a lot of fun and have certainly helped with her writing and creativity .

Each prompt has different amounts of space so if she had a few minutes, shewould choose a Great Book! Some of the prompts are very creative focusing on developing creativity, while others are more general which simply seem to focus on writing and entertainment.

The benefits are innumerable – from helping you attain your goals, to sparking your creativity, or from improving your overall health, to planning for the future by learning from the past.

We’ve put together 365 days of writing prompts to help you get inspired and create a new habit of focusing on your inner journey. Click here to download Make sure to follow along on our Instagram account @rusticojournal where we will be featuring the writing prompt of the day so you will never miss out on daily inspiration.


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